Monthly Archives: March 2009

The Glory is Shining in Branson!


The Glory is shining through the people! On Monday March 2nd our evangelism team partnered with a group at Faith Life Church. We hit the streets and invited people to the Campaign.

The Lord led us to the mall where entertainer, Mike Walker was singing,” How great thou art”. When he finished, he gave us the microphone and we gave an altar call and prayed for salvation and healing!

People were saved and healed! One man received Jesus and said his back was hurting. We laid hands on him and prayed. Signs follow the Word and he said, “the pain is gone, the pain is gone.” And then he said, “thank you” One Lady received healing in her back and knees!

140 people prayed the prayer of salvation!


Soul Winning Continues in Branson a team is going out tomorrow night!