Monthly Archives: May 2011

Prayer in a Catfish Restaurant

As our final day in Alabama came to a close, we prayed for our last KCM Partners and decided to find a place to eat as we headed back to our hotel. We had already discussed eating at a different restaurant, but as we drove, a Catfish joint caught our eye. The restaurant had some live entertainment, and as we walked in I noticed the opportunity God had given me to pray over the people who were also enjoying their catfish meals.

I wrote the man who was playing a note asking him if he would sing Amazing Grace, and if I could pray over the people once he’d finished; however, the man didn’t not see my note so once he finished I personally asked him if I could pray over the people who were affected by the devastation of the tornadoes.  He was more than happy to allow me to pray. As I took the microphone I began to pray over the people of Alabama; at the end of the prayer, I had the people in the restaurant all bow their heads and we all prayed the prayer of salvation together. Everyone in the restaurant, staff included, bowed their heads and prayed the prayer with us. The Lord purposefully had us eat catfish that evening so that we could bring his encouragement and love into a dismal and hopeless place.

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