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Prophetic Evangelism

As we were driving downtown, we passed Pancho’s Mexican Restaurant. Riley said, “Let’s stop there.” We turned the bus around and a few of us went in. Riley walked up to the manager and asked if we could say a prayer over the troops while everyone is eating. She said, “Sure!” Riley addressed the crowd, “Hello, everyone, my name is Riley and I am a minister at EMIC. While you’re eating, I’d like to say a quick prayer over our troops.” Everyone in the restaurant bowed their head. Riley began, “Lord, I thank you for protecting our troops. . . I thank you for these wonderful people here in this restaurant. If anyone here does not know beyond a shadow of a doubt that you would go to heaven if you died tonight, repeat this prayer after me: Lord Jesus, come into my heart . . . .” Several people in the restaurant prayed that prayer. We turned around to face the manager and a few employees. Riley asked the manager, “Did you pray that prayer?” She said, “Yes.” Then he asked another employee, “Did you pray that prayer?” She said, “Yes, and I don’t normally pray prayers. But I did this time!” Glory to God!


When we got back on the bus, Allison said, “Riley, as we were waiting on ya’ll, we turned the bus around. As we did, I looked into the windows at the end of the shopping center. There is a Bingo Hall with TONS of people!” Riley said, “Let’s go!”


We walked into the Bingo Hall; there were at least 200 people in there! Hallelujah! We found a large fishing hole! Riley walked in and went up to the person in charge. As he was talking to her, a few of us were gathered around the door. An employee walked up to me and said, “Do you want to buy a bingo card for $1?” I said, “No, thank you. We are here to pray a prayer for the troops.” She said, “Oh, they will never let you do that!” As I spoke to her and shared the Word with her, she prayed the prayer to ask Jesus into her heart. Then she said, “Maybe they’ll let you pray!” She was changed! When the current bingo game was over, Riley got on the microphone and said, “Lord, I thank you for our troops that are protecting our country. Lord, I thank you for the troops fighting so we can be in peace here.  And I thank you for these wonderful people. . . if you are not certain that you would go to heaven when you die, repeat this prayer after me:


Lord Jesus, come into my heart . . . if you have pain in your body, say: pain, go in Jesus Name. I am healed! Now I pray for ya’ll that you would win the bingo game! Amen! If you prayed that prayer to ask Jesus into your heart, raise your hand.” Hands went up all over the room! At least 65 people prayed with us for salvation! Glory!

After the Bingo Hall, we headed downtown and prayed with more people there!


For the evening, we prayed with a total of 206 people! Hallelujah!