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It Really Is All About the Numbers

Note: The following blog is adapted from Riley’s book It’s All about the Numbers, Newark, TX, 2009.

I have a confession to make. I hope you’re sitting down. If not, grab a chair.
This may come as a shock to you. Are you ready? Here it comes: I confess that I’m “in it” for the numbers!
That’s right — I do what I do for the Lord for the numbers. I want to see people by the millions coming to Jesus before He returns! I want to see “numbers” of people from every race and religion and from every nation on this planet saved! It’s God’s will that all be saved! Not everyone will accept his or her salvation, but the harvest of souls that God desires to reap represents large, large numbers!
Let’s be honest. We’re all “in it” for the numbers. It just depends on what our “it” is. Your “it” might be your job. At the end of the week when you get your paycheck, the “numbers” reflect the hours you worked and the compensation you receive. If you’re an accountant, a pollster, or a math teacher, you’re in it for the numbers. And if you work for the IRS, you’re definitely in it for the numbers!
Think about someone who’s on a strict diet. Their “it” is calories or pounds. They count how many calories they can have, and they definitely count how many pounds they lose!
A runner counts how many miles he has run. A businessman will let you know how many years he has been in business. A good businessman will set a goal every year as to how much money he wants to make by year’s end.
Some businesses advertise right on their sign the date they were established — so people can see how many “numbers” of years they’ve been in business. This usually gives them more credibility.
What about churches? They do the same thing. They record the “numbers” in attendance. They plan annual budgets for programs based on the “numbers.” Also, a church will evaluate the success of a meeting based on numbers.
Did you know that God is in it for the numbers too? He wrote a Book in the Bible called Numbers! Let’s face it: Numbers are important to God! In John 21:11, the Bible says Peter caught 153 fish! God thought “numbers” were so important that He recorded the number of fish Peter caught that day. So let’s not get “all spiritual” when someone sets a goal for souls! God’s desire is that people come to Jesus by the thousands! As believers, we desire to see all of our family, friends, co-workers, and acquaintances pulled from the flames of hell (see Jude 23)! These people represent “numbers.”
One of my favorite quotes says, “We count people because people count.”
Christians have said to me, “Now, brother, you shouldn’t count the number of people you led to the Lord. You shouldn’t make it look like you’re putting another notch on your Gospel belt.”
“Thank you for saying that!” I always reply. “I want my ‘Gospel belt’ so notched up with souls who give their life to Jesus that you can’t even tell anymore that it’s a belt!” My goal is to see as many “numbers” of people go to Heaven as I possibly can! This goal has been the driving force of my ministry. Some have assumed that I’m only it in for the numbers. And do you know what? They’re right!
I once heard a respected minister say, “The only thing you do in life that will matter when you die is what you’ve done for the Lord.” That statement had a profound effect on my life — it still does to this day.
What about you? Do you share the dream for souls? Do you share a desire to love what God loves — the “precious fruit of the earth” — the harvest of men’s and women’s souls (see James 5:7)? If you do, I bet you’re a number-lover too. It really is all about the numbers!

Texarkana Soul Winning Outreach

Katherine Barnes of Faith Boot-Camp Ministries invited our team to Texarkana to win the lost. She has been praying over the city even though her hometown is in Mena, Arkansas. We took a group of 15 people from Fort Worth, Texas. On Friday night we went to the local mall and store along the “state line.” We were specifically told not to go to a certain gas station. And guess what? That is where I wanted to go! We also got a tip from a local about a hotel that has drug and sex trafficking going on there! Yes, we made our way over there also!

We needed gas, so while we were sitting in the van a car load of girls drive up. They looked at me and motioned for me to come over. I got out of the van and said, “Hey girls can I help you?” (There were six girls in the car.) One girl in the back said, “Yeah, we need money.” I pulled out my wallet and had six one-dollar bills. This was not a coincidence! I gave each one of them a dollar bill. I said, “Hey, what do y’all need this money for?” They said, “Gas.” Right then the Lord told me to fill their tank up with gas. So I said, “Pull over to the pump because the Lord wants to bless you with a tank of gas.” They were shocked! After I filled up their tank, I ministered to them and all six of the girls prayed to receive Jesus for the first time!

We were checking out inside, and the Lord led me to ask a lady if she needed healing in her body. She said, “I sure do! I have pain in my feet and legs.” I shared what Mark 16 in the Bible says: “If you believe you will lay hands on the sick and they shall recover.” So I prayed for her and Jesus took the pain out of her body!

On Friday night one of our team members walked into a store in the mall and asked the lady behind the counter if there was anything we could pray with her about. She said she had not had a good night’s sleep in a long time. Our team member shared that the Bible says God will give us “sweet sleep.” This team member prayed and left the store. On Saturday, we stopped by the same store and the girl said, “Last night was the best night’s sleep I’ve had in years!” God confirms His Word!

Over the weekend we prayed and ministered to people from all walks of life and denominations. We are praising God for the 309 people who prayed the prayer of salvation! All glory to God!

2009 West Coast Evangelism Conference

Long BeachThe Glory of the Lord shined once again on the streets of Long Beach. Our KCM Evangelism Team partnered with The Sanctuary, our local host church and we hit the streets promoting the WCBC and shared Jesus with everyone in our reach.


The Lord also led us to a few local nursing homes to share the love of God. We are praising God over the 2188 people that prayed the prayer of salvation!


                                                                                                                                                                                           A  few testimonies:       

A team member was walking down the street of Long Beach when a lady sitting at a restaurant patio said, “Thank you for smiling at me.” She said, “Your smile blessed me!” The team member stopped and began sharing the love of God with this lady. She shared the scriptures from Romans and this lady prayed to ask Jesus into her heart. The light of Jesus was shining bright on our team member’s face!

 One of our team members prayed with a group of 10 young people who said they were all atheists; they all gave their lives to the Lord!

 The team was also asked to pray for several employees at a nursing home. They said, “We watch Kenneth Copeland on TV every week and are so blessed that his team had come to the nursing home.” They said, “Please pray for our people here and for every one of our employees, that they will be blessed.” As our team laid hands on the staff, the power of God ministered peace, healing and hope to every person! Hallelujah! Glory to God!

While on the beach, one of our team members asked a street performer if she could say a prayer after he was done. He said, “Yes.” When he finished his dance routine, he shouted to the crowd surrounding him, “Hey, don’t leave! This young lady wants to say a prayer.” Our team member shared the wonderful Word of God on salvation and then had the entire crowd repeat the prayer to ask Jesus into their hearts! More than 30 people were saved at that one moment of time!

Long Beach 085

Long Beach 090

  A team member walked up to a guy and said, “Where are you going when you die some day?” He said, “I will not go to Heaven because I have tattoos and piercings.” The team member said, “The only thing that will keep you out of Heaven is not believing on Jesus; just repeat this prayer after me to receive Jesus in your heart.” The man prayed and gave his life to the Lord.

The team walked around the convention center and prayed with 5 of the employees to receive Jesus. A team member said to an employee, “If you died right now, where you would go?” The employee said, “No one has ever asked me that question. I don’t know where I would go.” Then the team member shared the scriptures from Romans and she began crying and said, “Thank you for sharing this with me.” This employee prayed with the team member and asked Jesus into her heart! Hallelujah!

 Long Beach 069

Another team member walked up to the table with Long Beach information and asked the gentleman there, “Sir, we are walking around asking everyone a few questions. Where would you go when you die some day?” He said, “I hope to go to Heaven.” The team member read from the Pocket Reference for Soul Winning Card and said, “Repeat this prayer after me.” He prayed to ask Jesus into his heart! The harvest is ripe; people are ready to receive Jesus!


At the bus stop, a team member walked up to an older man with a cane. She asked him where he is going when he dies. He said, “I am going down.” The team member led him in the prayer of salvation and then said, “The Bible says in Mark 16 that he who believes shall lay hands on the sick and they shall recover. May I pray for you?” The man said, “Yes, every day my health gets worse.” The team member said, “Well, I believe that after we pray every day you will get stronger and stronger because of the life of Jesus that is now inside you!” The man walked away with a smile on his face and a spring in his step! Glory to God!

 Long Beach 061

A team member walked up to two men and asked them, “If you died right now, where would you go?” They said, “We are going to Heaven.” Then the team member said, “Well, if God were to say, Why should I let you into Heaven, what would you tell Him?” They said, “Well, we are not sure because we are together.” The team member shared the scriptures from Romans and they both prayed to ask Jesus into their heart. They smiled and said, “Thank you so much!” They believed on the Lord Jesus and were saved!


In front of the Jack in the Box, a team member walked up to two young ladies. She began to ask them where they would go when they die some day. One of the ladies said, “Hey, I prayed with you downtown a few days ago!” The team member turned to the other lady and shared what the Word says and said, “Pray this prayer with me.” She hesitated a little. Her friend (who had already prayed to ask Jesus into her heart a few days earlier) grabbed her hand and said, “I will pray this prayer with you.” Both prayed, “Jesus, come into my heart! Be my Lord and my Savior!”

 Long Beach 111

On 2nd street, a team member walked up to a mother and daughter and handed them a flyer, inviting them to the WCBC. As the mother opened the flyer and saw the information about healing school, she said, “That is so funny. I was just talking to my daughter today and wondered where there was a healing meeting.” The team member asked them where they were going when they die some day. They were not sure. They prayed and asked Jesus into their heart, both mother and daughter. Then they said, “We are coming to that healing meeting on Saturday. Thanks so much!”


The team prayed with people for healing and saw the life of God enter into the bodies of several people! Ankles healed! Backs healed! Depression gone! Many lives set free by the power of God!

It’s All About The Numbers!

Teaching Christians How To Reach the Lost With Results

by Riley Stephenson






When you hear the word “evangelism,” what comes to mind? A loud, obnoxious preacher screaming at people on the street corner? Going door to door in a neighborhood with little or no results? Mustering enough nerve to talk to someone about Jesus only to be rejected? In his book, It’s All About the Numbers, evangelist Riley Stephenson addresses these common misconceptions about evangelism and provides a refreshingly new approach to sharing your faith with very fruitful results!

After reading this book, you will:

  • Have a passion for the lost!
  • Love people in a greater way.
  • Share Jesus effectively.
  • Overcome any hurdles you have had in the past in witnessing to someone.
  • See yourself as God sees you and be able to do what He has called you to do.
  • Teach others how to win the lost.
  • See countless numbers of people born into the Kingdom of GodIf your heart longs to see your family, co-workers, friends, acquaintances, and even strangers saved, then this book is your tool for effective, result-oriented evangelism! In it, you will see afresh, through Heaven’s eyes, that it really is all about the numbers!

I believe every believer should get this book!  Get yours click here! 

The Glory is Shining in Branson!


The Glory is shining through the people! On Monday March 2nd our evangelism team partnered with a group at Faith Life Church. We hit the streets and invited people to the Campaign.

The Lord led us to the mall where entertainer, Mike Walker was singing,” How great thou art”. When he finished, he gave us the microphone and we gave an altar call and prayed for salvation and healing!

People were saved and healed! One man received Jesus and said his back was hurting. We laid hands on him and prayed. Signs follow the Word and he said, “the pain is gone, the pain is gone.” And then he said, “thank you” One Lady received healing in her back and knees!

140 people prayed the prayer of salvation!


Soul Winning Continues in Branson a team is going out tomorrow night!


Tonight Kelly shared from Reinhard Bonnke’s book, “Evangelism by Fire.” The first chapter, titled, “When Arson is Not a Crime,” talks about the role of an evangelist, which is to light a fire in the human spirit. This is what we do when we go out to the into the highways and byways; we light a fire in the human spirit. There should be fire in those who witness and work! Fire in those who preach! Fire in the truth we preach!
One lady named Christine spoke up . . . this was her first time to Friday Night Evangelism. She said, “Several months ago, I was at a meeting and someone prophesied over me that I would be an ‘arsonist.’ I didn’t know what that meant, but I knew he was talking about evangelism. I came tonight not knowing what to expect. This is confirmation that the Lord is training me to light a fire in the lives of people!!!!!” Hallelujah!christine
Christine, igniting the fire of evangelism, in the hearts of these two ladies. The girl, who translated for her mother, is holding the Pocket Reference for Soul Winning Card.
These three young men got saved! Kelly & Christine prayed that they would live on fire for God! The young man on the left said, “I want to come to your church! Where is it?” Kelly gave him the web site and he began typing into his phone. See below!


Go to and download the “Pocket Soulwinning Card.”

Soul Winning Testimonies

A Girl Searching for God

Nichole walked up to Aubrey and Brooklyn, two teens at the mall. She said that she was taking a survey and wanted to ask them some questions. Brooklyn was especially excited about taking the survey. Nichole proceeded with the questions: “Do you live in the area? Do you go to church? Some day when you die, where are you going?” Neither girl knew for sure where they were going. Nichole led them in the prayer of salvation. Afterwards, Brooklyn said, “I have been talking to God lately.” Then Kelly shared with Brooklyn, “Do you have a Bible?” She said, “Yes.” Kelly said, “Well, start reading in the Book of John. God wants to talk to you through the Bible.” Brooklyn said she would read her Bible tonight. Hallelujah!


New Lease on Life

Nichole met Robin and Ken in Wal-Mart. They just moved to Fort Worth from New Mexico. They were both saved. But Nichole went on to ask them, “On a scale of 1 to 5, 5 being on fire for God and 1 being lukewarm, where would you rate your walk with God?” They both said, “3.” Nichole prayed a prayer for them to rededicate their lives to the Lord. She invited them to church and gave them some information about our church. They both said, “We feel like we have a new lease on life!” Glory!


One Prayer Covers All!

Janelle walked up to two guys at the mall. She led them to the Lord. Then she said, “Is there anything else I can pray with you about?” One guy said, “That one prayer we just prayed with you covers it all! It did everything for me!” Amen! The blessing of God came into this man’s life and took care of everything!


Woman Asks for Prayer

Betsy approached a young mother and shared the scriptures from Romans with her. Then this young mother prayed the prayer of salvation. Afterwards, she said, “Would you pray for my grandmother?” Betsy asked, “What’s wrong?” The woman said, “She has cancer.” Betsy prayed for healing for this woman’s grandmother. Then she gave her a Pocket Reference for Soul Winning card so that she could share the same scriptures and prayer with her grandmother.


Divine Appointment in Sporting Goods

Canon and Mark were led to go to Dick’s Sporting Goods at the mall. They walked around and came to one young man who was wearing a shirt with a skull on it. They shared the Word of God with him and he prayed to ask Jesus into his heart! Praise God!


Compelling Them to Come to EMIC

Kelly walked up to Vanessa in Wal-Mart. She was carrying a huge Valentines monkey. She was headed to check out and Kelly stopped her. She asked her the question, “Where would you go if you died tonight?” She said that she had no idea. Kelly led her in the prayer of salvation. Afterwards, while getting Vanessa’s address and phone number, Kelly found out that she is single and pregnant. In fact, she just found out she is pregnant. Kelly said, “I know that coming to a big church can be hard at first when you don’t know anyone. But you know me. Ask for me when you come to church and you can sit with me.” We are compelling people to not only be saved, but to also come to EMIC!



Wife in Tears

Allison, who is 9 years old, walked up to an older man sitting on a bench in the mall. She asked him where he would go when he dies some day. He said that he would go to Heaven because he is a good person and does good things. Then Allison shared the scriptures from Romans and said, “Pray this prayer with me now.” He prayed the prayer to ask Jesus into his heart. At that moment, his wife walked up and stood behind him. She looked at Allison with tears in her eyes and said, “You are an amazing little girl. I am going to pray for you tonight. Thank you for being such a blessing to us.”


Saved in Arcade

Kelly walked into an arcade at the mall. She approached a young girl with a baby and asked her where she would go when she dies. The girl said that she didn’t know. Kelly shared the Word of God and this girl prayed to ask Jesus into her heart. Afterwards, she said, “That’s so funny that you came to talk to me about Jesus.” Kelly said, “Why?” She said, “Just yesterday someone gave me a CD about God and I have been thinking about Him lately.” Praise God!


Saved in Ross

Allison walks up to a man in Ross. She shared the scriptures and he prays with her. Then he said, “Wow! I feel better on the inside!” The Prince of Peace came into this man’s heart and his life was changed! Hallelujah!


Prayer for Troops in El Chico

Kelly walks by El Chico and is compelled to go in. The restaurant is packed! The hostess says, “How many in your party?” Kelly says, “Oh, we are not eating here today. We are here to say a prayer for the troops. Would that be okay?” The hostess says, “I’ll have to get my manager.” The manager comes out and Kelly says, “Hi. I am a minister from a local church and I would like to say a prayer for our troops.” The manager says, “What do you mean? Do you mean walk up to each table?” “No,” Kelly said, “I would like to pray for the whole restaurant at once.” The manager said, “Well, how?” Kelly said, “I will shout so everyone can hear me.” The manager said, “Okay, why don’t you stand in the middle by the bar and pray there?” Kelly said, “Great!” She walked over to the bar, which was in the middle of the restaurant, and said, “Hello everyone. I am here to pray a quick prayer over our troops.” She began and finished with “If you do not know where you would go when you die, just say, Jesus, come into my heart. Be my Lord and my Savior.” Afterwards, one lady came up and said, “Thank you for doing that!” The manager turned to Tad, another member of our team, and said, “That was awesome!”


Buddy Gets Saved!

At the first house we went to, we knocked on the door and Buddy answered. As we talked to him, he said that he had lived in Rhome all of his life. In fact, he pointed to a house across the street and said that he and his dad built that house years ago. Kelly said, “Who lives there now?” He said, “My ex-wife. She took everything I had.” Kelly asked him the questions from the “Pocket Reference for Soul Winning Card” and Buddy gave his life to the Lord! Hallelujah! We invited him to come to EMIC. We gave him a “Welcome Home Brochure,” a BVOV Magazine, and a “Fear Not Card.” Then Kelly said, “What else can we pray with you about today?” Buddy said, “I need a job. I don’t have any money.” We prayed that God would open up a door of opportunity for Buddy this week. His heart was touched and he said that he is coming to EMIC!


Family Coming to EMIC

As we approached the next house, a lady and two kids answered the door. We shared the information about EMIC and invited her family to come and visit. She said, “Oh, yes, I know all about KCM/EMIC.” My neighbor next door works for KCM. We said, “Who is that?” She said, “Robert Price. He told us about Angel Food and we go to your church every month to get a box of food.” Kelly said, “Have you ever come to our church on a Sunday to visit?” She said, “No.” Kelly said, “Well, come this Sunday and visit!” She said, “Yes, I will!” Seeds of love were already planted in this family by Robert Price and his family. Praise God!


A Lost Son Is Coming Home!

An older gentleman named Steve came outside as we walked up to the next house. We shared that we are from EMIC/KCM. He said that he knew all about the ministry and enjoys watching Kenneth Copeland on TV. He said that he and his family have a church they already go to every Sunday. Allen asked, “Is there anything we can pray with you about tonight?” Steve said, “Well, I always need prayer for something. Please pray for my son Steven. He is in Iraq and is supposed to come home in July. Please pray that he comes home and that he gives his life to the Lord.” Allen prayed for Steve and his son Steven and got their phone number. We told him that someone would be calling him and that we would continue to pray for his son Steven. He was touched by the love of God and thanked us.


“You Have Opened a Door for Me, Lord”

At the next house, Allen walked up and knocked on the door. No one answered and the house looked uninhabited. All of a sudden, an older gentleman named Edward walked around the side of the house. He said, “Hello. Can I help you?” Allen shared that we are with KCM/EMIC. Edward said, “I love to watch Kenneth Copeland. He is a great preacher! And you know why I watch him? All the other preachers I used to watch have died, but Kenneth Copeland is still going strong! I love to watch him!” Allen asked, “Is there anything we can pray with you about today?” Edward said, “Yes!” and grabbed Allen’s hand and placed it on his head. Edward said, “Pray the prayer of healing over me. I have diabetes, prostate cancer, and a bad heart.” Allen began speaking to Edward’s body, and as he was praying, Edward said to the Lord, “You have opened a door for me, Lord.” Afterward, Edward began sharing about the goodness of God in his life. He said, “I needed some dirt and I asked the Lord for some. You know that a load of dirt costs about $100. Well, a man in a truck pulled up in front of my house with some dirt and said that the people down the road didn’t want it. He offered it to me for $10 a load! I knew the Lord did this for me.” Allen shared, “The Lord loves you! God has a plan for your life.” Edward said, “I’ve always felt like I was supposed to pray for sick people.” Allen invited Edward to come to EMIC. He said, “Well, I did come once several years ago and got a cold handshake.” Allen said, “I am sorry that happened to you. I am an usher and I would love for you to come back. I will get you a great seat next to me.” Edward was touched. He said, “I used to have a best friend named Allen.” We got Edward’s phone number and address to follow up with him. He was clearly touched by the love of God. Allen gave him a big hug before we left. We are bringing the love of God to the people in neighborhoods around the church. Hallelujah!